MSN Virus Remover

MSN Virus Remover

MSN Virus Remover is a tool that removes annoying MSN viruses from your computer. I started developing in December 2007 after a few of my contacts contracted MSN viruses and I could put up with it no longer.

For those of you who don’t know what an MSN virus is, they are generally simple programs which install themselves on your computer and connect you to a botnet and proceed to attempt to steal passwords, banking details, CD keys from the registry, have capabilities to launch DDOS attacks, can update themselves and of course spread through a variety of means including, but not limited to dropping themselves in the shared folders of P2P applications (such as Limewire, Emule, Ares, etc) and spamming your MSN contacts with messages such as:

  • do you think my picture is too kinky for myspace?
  • check out my new photos, i just scanned them

These messages are generally followed by a link of file transfer request.

MSN Virus Remover was written in Visual Basic 6.
More information about MSN Virus Remover and a download link can be found here.
This project is closed source.

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