File Encryptor

File Encryptor

Do you have the need to protect your documents from prying eyes? If so, this may be the tool for you!

File Encryptor takes any file and uses a simple, yet effective encryption method to protect your files with the password/encryption key of your choice; simply tell it which file you want to encrypt, enter a password and press encrypt. The file will then be encrypted using XOR encryption and a new, encrypted file will be generated with a .enc extension.

eg myfile.jpg -> myfile.jpg.enc

Decrypting is just as simple, select a .enc file, enter the password and press decrypt; the file will be decrypted and the original restored.


  • Quickly encrypts/decrypts files.
  • Uses a non standard algorithm.
  • Allows you to choose if the original is deleted when the file is encrypted.
  • Allows you to choose if the encrypted file is deleted when the file is decrypted.
  • Brute force protection (If the password is not correct there is no warning, the output will be garbage.)
  • Case sensitive.


  • If you forget your password you may never be able to decrypt your file.
  • It may still be possible to use frequency analysis to calculate the password.
  • Palindromic passwords will not work. eg. ‘abcba’, ‘ABBA’, ‘glenelg’.
    Passwords such as ‘race car’ and ‘go hang a salami im a lasagna hog’ are fine as they do not reverse perfectly due to spaces.

File Encryptor was written in Visual Basic 6.
File Encryptor can be downloaded here.
The source code is available here.

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