WMP Hotkey Handler

Windows Media Player Hotkey Handler

Windows Media Player Hotkey Handler (phew, that was a mouthful!) is a small app that runs in the background of your system and listens for particular hotkeys, which it uses to control Windows Media Player. It was originally written so I could control my music whilst playing Counter-Strike 1.6, mainly so I could control the volume without switching windows and without adjusting the entire system volume.

WMP Hotkey Handler recognises the following shortcuts:
CTRL + SHIFT + /                  Pause/Play
CTRL + SHIFT + <                 Previous track
CTRL + SHIFT + >                 Next track
CTRL + SHIFT + UP              Volume up
CTRL + SHIFT + DOWN       Volume down


  • Low memory profile (1,08KB)
  • Low CPU Usage (0%)
  • Can be dropped in the Start Menu Startup folder and left running all the time
  • Compatible with WMP 9, 10, 11, 12 (and possibly others too!)


  • Unable to stop a track ( I could add this, but have not had any real use for it)
  • Unable to start WMP (again, this could be added)
  • Hotkeys can’t be customised (once more, this could be added)

The drawbacks are few, but they have not really been a problem for me; if I get enough/any requests then I will add new features to mitigate these drawbacks.

WMP Hotkey Handler was written in Visual Basic 6.
WMP Hotkey Handler can be downloaded here.
The source code is currently unavailable.

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